I Support:

  • No mandates              

  • Parental rights/parental choice

  • Parent volunteers in schools

  • No political propaganda allowed on school property

  • Mental and social health support

  • Enforcing zero-tolerance policy for bullying and harassment

  • No Critical Race Theory (CRT), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), or race-based teaching

  • No CRT or pornographic books in school libraries or student curriculum 

  • Promote parent/teacher partnerships

  • Improve the work environment for faculty/teachers and bus drivers

  • Protect girls'/women's sports

  • Ensure IEP and 504 plans are respected and followed

  • Special Education reform

  • Opportunity for all, not equity

  • Fiscal responsibility - eliminate waste and abuse

  • School lunch reform

  • Innovative protective measures for the protection and safety of our children

Image by Tim Swaan