About Me

We the People, For the People

I was born and raised in California and have lived in Chesapeake five years now.  I am the wife of a combat Marine Corps veteran and mom to five kids -- two girls, ages 23 and 24, and three boys, ages 17, 14, and 5.  All three boys are students at Chesapeake Public Schools.  We used to be a cheer family, but now we are proud to be part of SCAA with a t-baller and middle-schooler.  We also love day trips to OBX, exploring new places, and working around our house.

I have a wealth of experience and a variety of experience, but at the end of the day, I am just a mom who, like you, has had enough and decided to do something about it.  I began attending school board meetings last year and speaking out against universal mask mandates that completely disregarded our rights as parents to determine what’s best for our child.  I also spoke out against the pornographic books in our school libraries as well as highlighting some of the many, many concerns our teachers, faculty, and fellow citizens have with our schools.  After feeling ignored, discouraged, and defeated, I decided to jump into this race. 

We need change.  We need people like US on this board.  We need people who will stand up for US, not the establishment.   If elected, I will work tirelessly to return our schools to the fundamentals of education, always protect our parental rights and medical and religious freedoms, eliminate politics, cancel culture, and agendas from our schools, improve the work environment for our faculty and bus drivers, and ensure that all of our children are being provided the proper education they deserve.  I will stand against CRT and other divisive learning concepts and ensure that no one is being discriminated against.  I will stand in the way of allowing any more radical narratives and agendas into our schools and will do everything I can to stop the indoctrination of our kids.  There are also so many other issues we need to fix from budget concerns to special education to transparency, consistency, and accountability. 

I will never say one thing to get your vote and then turn my back on you when elected.  The only way we're going to take back our country and take back our schools is by WE the PEOPLE standing up and fighting back.  November is just around the corner, and, together, I know we can do this.  We can take back our schools.  Let's do this.